Constructing With/Around Natural Gas Lines

When natural gas lines are a part of construction in any capacity, there can be complications. In addition to normal construction considerations around adverse weather and tough ground, there are a host of new challenges. Here’s what to consider when undertaking a project with/around natural gas lines.

The Planning Process

From the start, it’s essential to lock down the exact locations of underground utilities like natural gas lines or other structures that could interfere with the process. If natural gas lines are being worked around, they must be protected and possibly even relocated. You must also ensure safety procedures that meet both federal and state demands and leverage highly efficient technologies and teams that prioritize performance.

Natural Gas Line Construction Considerations

Compression Station Construction

The distance, elevation and even the friction of natural gas lines impact the speed of gas movement and how much pressure is present. Compressor stations maintain reliable levels for both and must also be worked on/around.


Natural gas lines and compressor sites can vary in terms of how much area they cover/will need to cover. Be mindful of space-friendly practices for both the actual work and ongoing operations in either case.

Light and Traffic

To account for additional light and traffic created, maintain specific project hours that are considerate of others. Different methods to reduce light pollution, such as shield fixtures, can also help limit impact.

Sound Emissions

Noise generated by compressors in particular can be loud, so remain mindful. Any noise created should comply with regulations and local noise ordinances. Keeping sound down is contingent on the compressor type, technologies used and land sloping (or lack thereof). The right construction practices can certainly help alleviate noise.

Soil Restoration

Construction-caused disturbances can be temporary with the right correction methods. These can include:

  • Leveraging low-ground-pressure equipment
  • Holding on work when soil is wet
  • Contributing to soil recovery with compost and manure



To counteract any emissions produced, implement sustainable practices whenever and wherever possible. This is a smart move for better results, cost savings and remaining within regulations.

Handle Complex Gas Line Scenarios With Northern Construction

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