Construction Site SAFETY

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A Clear Focus on Construction Site Safety

We’re committed to creating a safe working environment for our employees and our clients. Safety is more than just in the moment. We believe a comprehensive safety program requires a lot of planning and preparation. It’s worth it, every time. 


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A Proven Track Record of Job Site Safety

We’ve successfully handled emergency safety projects and gas compressor projects. In fact, we’ve consistently held a Experience MOD Safety rating of .7 or lower for the last few years. Every day, we take steps to ensure that we’re meeting the OHSA construction standards. 

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Team Effort

Construction safety is a team effort. Our senior leadership is dedicated to a vision of construction site safety. We offer a substantial amount of safety training for our employees, starting on day 1 at Northern Construction. However, it’s up to our employees to carry out those standards everyday. We’re thankful that our employees believe in our vision. 

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Communication is a foundational pillar in safety. From communicating safety principles to our employees to communicating on the job site, clear communication is essential in maintaining a safe work environment. We take it upon ourselves to communicate often and communicate well. We’re constantly looking for feedback on how to improve our everyday workflow. Whether it’s clients or employees, we welcome communication and its role in construction safety. 

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Our Safety Program includes but is not limited to: 

  • Weekly Site Visits by an Independent Safety Consultant
  • OHSA Training
  • Daily Toolbox Talks
  • Daily Job Safety Briefs
  • Site Specific Health & Safety Plans
  • Fleet Safety Program
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"Northern Construction Service early on, recognized that its safety program must be managed from the top down. It is a pleasure working with Northern Construction's management team, supervisors and field personal to maintain a safe workplace for all operations of the organization. It is truly a team effort in ensuring that safety is the Primary Priority on the job, so each worker can return to their homes at the end of the shift. We look forward to aiding Northern Construction Service in achieving their safety objectives!"

Mark L. Coppi


We prioritize safety guidelines in our project planning to show how much we care about our clients, construction workers, and communities. Contact us today to get started on your next project.