Energy and Green Construction

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Green Building &
Sustainable Construction

At Northern Construction, we recognize the importance of green construction strategies in sustainability. We’re constantly improving our processes to be environmentally responsible and resource efficient to help minimize negative impacts to the planet.

Our portfolio includes numerous energy construction projects, including building wind turbines, rebuilding wetlands, natural gas compressor stations, and more. Learn more about our green building construction processes below, or contact us today to start the conversation about your next project.

Constructing Natural Gas Pipelines

big construction equipment at dig siteWe provide residential and commercial natural gas pipeline construction services throughout the Northeast to help power homes, facilitate crucial utilities and deliver energy safely. Our goal is to minimize our environmental impact while maximizing personal safety. During every stage of the pipeline life cycle, we follow all federal and state safety regulations. This includes monitoring pipeline performance, such as conducting leak tests, changing meters, and testing overall meter quality.

Partnering With Qualified Contractors

pipes being constructed at job siteTo complete natural gas piping & compressor station projects safely and efficiently, we only partner with the most qualified and experienced subcontractors. We hold our trusted contractors to strict safety guidelines and have successfully avoided violations by planning in advance and shutting down pipelines when necessary. Plus, our team coordinates with each contractor to ensure the timely completion of all piping work and helps manage the project so it remains within budget.

Building Power Lines

We specialize in building transmission lines and maintaining safety standards while working with high voltage. We also complete routine maintenance work for transmission lines, including wire stringing, testing, and more. Also, we have significant experience in constructing distribution lines. Our team is dedicated to maintenance practices such as storm response and routine testing. We understand how energy construction is a vital practice in building and sustaining communities.

Working Around Electricity

large construction craneMaintaining safety standards while working with high voltage is a top priority. Our knowledgeable team has the experience and expertise to reduce exposure to risks when completing construction projects around electricity lines. From maintaining a clear work area to building under power lines, we understand the dynamics of electrical safety. This involves careful review of our construction sites to identify any potential safety hazards and plan accordingly.

Disposing of Materials

Most construction waste goes into landfills, which are becoming increasingly scarce. At Northern Construction, we believe our industry has the responsibility to mitigate our environmental impact through green construction practices. That’s why our team strives to reuse and recycle scrap material to divert as much hazardous waste from landfills.

Responsible disposal practices aren’t just good for the environment—they’re also good for your bottom line. With reduced costs to dispose and transport materials, we’re able to achieve more cost-efficient projects.

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We partner closely with engineers to bring their designs to life. We’re pre-qualified with multiple agencies to create an efficient proposal process. 

When you work with Northern Construction, you can trust that we pay close attention to every detailed specification and requirement. Sit back and relax as your design transfers from dream into reality.


Northern Construction has made building easy. We don't worry about deadlines. We know that what we ask will get done and it will be done well. I can't stress how important quality of work is - our projects are never easy or small, and they are able to get it all done.

Kimberly Golinski,
Tree House Brewing Company
We maintain a portfolio of specifications and designs from our upcoming and ongoing projects. To view these projects, visit our Plan Room.