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A Range of Expertise

From the marine sector to utility sites, we’ve completed heavy civil construction all across the Northeast. Our diverse portfolio of projects, over our twenty-five years of experience, proves we’re more than capable of delivering on complex needs while maintaining our commitment to sustainable practices. See a quick overview of industries we frequently serve below.


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Bridges require tremendous on-site efficiency. We plan meticulously in advance, using techniques that accelerate bridge construction and maintain compatibility with any previous designs. This helps us get bridges up and running as quickly as possible, which is crucial when working with public sectors like MassDOT or ConnDOT. Our heavy civil contractors are well-versed in bridge construction, completing projects like:

  • Rebuilding historic bridges 
  • Constructing keystone arch bridges 
  • Building concrete decks
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Building harbor and coastal infrastructure that protect environments and people is one of our key missions. Careful, precise marine construction can provide safe public access to viewing our beautiful natural surroundings. Through constructing cofferdams and using inner harbor bulkheads, we can:

  • Restore salt marshes and ponds
  • Repair seawalls 
  • Relocate historic structures like lighthouses
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Minimizing our impact on local infrastructure and properly disposing of materials is part of our role in the future of environmental sustainability. Creating solutions that use renewable energy and maintain environmental safety is crucial for ensuring sustainable, resourceful processes. Our energy sector experience includes working on:

  • Natural gas pipelines
  • Natural gas compressor stations
  • Wind turbines 
  • Wetland-based projects
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There are endless considerations when building a new highway or reconstructing a main street. From planning to execution, our strategies are sustainability-minded, detail-oriented and long-term. You’re ensured environmentally sound practices that prioritize daily operations, traffic flow and pedestrian safety. Our roadway construction services include: 

  • Widening roadways
  • Improving drainage 
  • Upgrading sidewalks and bike lanes  
  • Optimizing traffic signals
  • Refining signage and pavement markings
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Utilities are often the foundation for public and private operations, so construction with or around them has many complexities. Our utility offerings are safety-focused, underground-ready and based on extensive planning to offer effective, streamlined results. We’re committed to maintaining communication between all parties involved and keeping environmental impact to a minimum through all project types, including: 

  • Natural gas compressor stations
  • Landfills
  • Storm draining operations
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You deserve the peace of mind that every detail, specification and requirement is getting the attention it needs. Partnering with Northern Construction comes with: 

  • Our pre-qualifications to work with multiple agencies, creating the most efficient proposal process possible. 
  • Our involvement with expert engineers to bring your designs to life.


Safety is a main priority when planning and executing our projects. Learn how our safety guidelines exceed standards time and time again.