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Ports & Harbors

At Northern Construction, we know the vital role marine construction, seawall construction and dock construction play in improving coastal resiliency and preserving communities. Learn more about our goals for our marine sector construction projects below, or contact us today to start the conversation about your next project.

Ports and Harbors
Oak Bluffs Seawall
Cape Cod, MA
Ports and Harbors
Plymouth Seawall
Plymouth, MA

Protecting the Environment

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From dock and seawall construction to pond restoration, our goal is to build infrastructure without damaging the environment. We carefully adhere to federal, state and local environmental protection guidelines in an effort to cause minimal or no disruption to the surrounding landscape and marine wildlife.

Our commitment to protecting the shoreline and natural habitats allows us to emerge as environmental stewards and a leader in the use and installation of environmentally friendly marine construction services.

Protecting Communities

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From bridges to boardwalks, marine construction plays an integral part in the safety and preservation of communities. Our harbor and coastal infrastructure projects have provided safe public access while protecting local wildlife.

We also work closely with the public sector to understand 1) how our construction projects impact others’ daily lives and 2) the historical significance that is often tied to those projects. As a result, we take every precaution to preserve maritime historic landmarks.

Planning for Extreme Weather

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With over 25 years of experience working in the Northeast, we know how to plan for New England weather. Our project planning starts with ensuring our schedule accounts for any potential weather delays, whether wind, rain, or snow.

We also make every effort to minimize the amount of on-site construction time to expedite the total project completion time. Our problem solving skills and expertise in pre-planning help us overcome any weather-related challenge efficiently and safely.

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Northern Construction has made building easy. We don't worry about deadlines. We know that what we ask will get done and it will be done well. I can't stress how important quality of work is - our projects are never easy or small, and they are able to get it all done.

Kimberly Golinski,
Tree House Brewing Company
We maintain a portfolio of specifications and designs from our upcoming and ongoing projects. To view these projects, visit our Plan Room.