Blackstone Viaduct

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Blackstone Viaduct

In April 2023, we began restoring the historic Blackstone Viaduct for the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. This work was part of a plan to integrate it as the final joining segment in the 23-mile, multi-state Blackstone River Greenway Bike Path. With our work completed in 2024, an important piece of history has been safely and successfully reconstructed for modern use.

Rehabilitating and Repurposing

Originally built in 1872 by the Boston, Hartford, and Erie Railroad—in collaboration with the American Bridge Company—the effects of aging and general wear-and-tear had taken their toll on the masonry arch structure. Additionally, the Blackstone River Greenway Bike Path has been adding segments since the 1990s, and the Blackstone Viaduct could connect two already existing, but disconnected, ones (one in Massachusetts and the other in Rhode Island).

Collaborative Success

Completing this project wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and expertise of our engineering partners and construction team. We collaborated closely with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), VHB, Arcadis and Stantec to overcome the challenges and obstacles of this work. 

Together, our crews diligently adhered to an accelerated schedule of 6 10-hour shifts per week, working tirelessly to complete the arch rehabilitation before the start of winter. Without the comprehensive research and planning beforehand, this project might have taken months or years to complete.

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