Southington Bridge

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I-84 bridge construction

Southington Bridge
Replacement Project

In 2014, we replaced the east and westbound bridge structures on I-84 in Southington, Connecticut in a single weekend in June. Without the comprehensive research and planning of our engineering partners and expertise of our construction crew, this project might have taken months or years to complete. 

Accelerated Bridge Construction

To complete this project efficiently, we utilized Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC). In our ABC process, we premade the bridge components and installed them to minimize on-site construction time. This process helped us re-open the bridge five weeks early. 

KEPT Traffic Flowing

The I-84 normally would have required phase development, which could cause extreme delays and consistent backups for months. To keep three lanes of traffic open during construction, we used ABC to complete the bridge project all at once instead of in stages. This helped us confine any traffic impacts to a few days instead of a few months. 

PLANNED for Compatibility with Existing Bridges

To expedite the process, we prefabricated the foundation based on the materials used in the original design. Previously, the I-84 bridge used prestressed girders for the foundation and installed concrete deck slabs onto the girders. To maintain compatibility, we used a similar foundation but added bituminous concrete onto the girders. This compatibility ultimately made installing the new bridge components easier. 

Building Solutions That Serve the Community

ConnDOT discovered problems with the bridge’s vertical clearance based on damage to the fascia girders. To address this problem, we increased the vertical clearance on the eastbound structure from 21 feet, 8 inches to 22 feet. Also, we increased the vertical clearance on the westbound structure from 15 feet, 10 inches to 16 feet, 4 inches. This small difference made a huge impact on the community. 

Award-Winning Results

We received the Arthur Gruhn 2014 Excellence in Construction Award for Innovative Construction Methods Project award for our work on the I-84 bridge. Every year, the Connecticut Road Builders’ Association awards this prestigious honor to quality projects that give back to the Connecticut community. Northern Construction is proud to be recognized for the quality of our work. 

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