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barnstable ma

Reconstructing Route 6A
in Barnstable, MA

In 2019, we started planning an improvement project on Main Street in Barnstable, MA. Main Street is a distinct landmark for local Barnstable residents. Main Street receives many visits from people who use this road as a shortcut. We enhanced this road by making safety improvements that ranged from Main Street, to Millway, to the Harbor. Read more to find out how these improvements helped the local community. 

Improved Safety

Barnstable Village is a historic community in the Northeast. To preserve the local history, we followed the traffic calming strategy of our engineering partners, which prevented a complete redesign of the area. This strategy included extending curbs, raising crosswalks, and making the road more bike-friendly. These improvements helped pedestrians feel more safe along this road. 

Reconstructed Intersections

Main Street is the primary access point to the Barnstable Harbor and the Barnstable Village Center. We reconstructed the intersection to improve the traffic flow while increasing safety for pedestrians. We changed the lighting to match the historic style atmosphere of the village. Also, we implemented sustainability improvements to preserve the Harbor and manage drainage. 

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We prioritize safety guidelines in our project planning because we care about our clients, construction workers, and communities. Click the link below to see how we consistently exceed safety standards.