MGM Springfield

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MGM Springfield

We completed a two-phase project to construct the new MGM Springfield casino and worked with MGM to manage the MGM Traffic Mitigation project. This project required permits from MassDOT, Mass Gaming Commission, and the City of Springfield. With our advanced planning and expertise, we completed this project ahead of schedule and received project approval from all parties involved.

The Mass Gaming Commission would not allow the casino to open if we did not complete all required updates prior to the grand opening. Although this project included great risks, we successfully completed the project and helped MGM Springfield open their doors to the public.

Partnered with Engineering Teams

MGM created a local division dedicated to finishing this project. We partnered with the local division to coordinate with their leadership and engineering teams. Our previous experience in collaborating with engineering firms successfully prepared us to complete this project. This included planning work as it occurred, getting engineer input, and collecting surveys. Since we installed new technology into old infrastructure, we expected some of these challenges. Thanks to teamwork and collaboration with all parties involved, we handled unplanned ones smoothly. 

MGM Springfield Utility Construction

The first phase of this project included extensive utility site work, ranging from replacing existing water mains to installing new drainage systems. Also, we installed new underground detention basins, storage tanks, and infiltration systems. To maintain this work, we conducted extensive earth support design, including dewatering and building temporary utility infrastructure support systems. This underground work, as well as site grading and concrete pouring, established the foundation for the casino. 

Offsite Traffic Mitigation

The second phase of this project involved traffic improvements, ranging from driveway reconstruction and bus shelter installation to drainage improvements and more. Work occurred on multiple streets surrounding the area. We also conducted full traffic signal reconstruction and modifications at multiple intersections throughout Downtown Springfield. All of these modifications significantly improved the traffic flow in the area. 

created an inviting ENVIRONMENT

For this project, MGM Springfield awarded us the Construction Diversity Recognition Award for maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace culture. We were only one of four companies to receive this award. When the City of Springfield approved the project, they mandated that it must create a welcoming space for everyone. We were honored to uphold these values and see them enrich the construction experience for all. 

Earning Our Partners’ Trust

This project required an extensive amount of work, including 56,000 straight time hours and 10,000 overtime hours. Through dedication and diligence, we completed this project on schedule. Since then, MGM continues to contract with us to perform site and concrete work for various upgrades to their facilities. We’ve earned their trust over the years with our collaborative relationship. 

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We partner closely with engineers to bring their designs to life. We’re pre-qualified with multiple agencies to create an efficient proposal process. 

When you work with Northern Construction, you can trust that we pay close attention to every detailed specification and requirement. Sit back and relax as your design transfers from dream into reality.



We prioritize safety guidelines in our project planning  because we care about our clients, construction workers, and communities. Click the link below to see how we consistently exceed safety standards.