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Tree House Brewing

In 2014, Tree House Brewing Company approached Northern Construction with an ambitious project to expand their brewery onto a 68-acre land plot in Charlton, Massachusetts. This was the start of a still-going partnership in which we’ve built an outdoor beer garden, warehouse, and over 500 parking spaces to accommodate Tree House’s rapidly growing fan base. We also completed roadway alterations to welcome the many out-of-state visitors.

With the guidance of the custom designs and creative solutions of our engineering partners and architects, we constructed a home for Tree House Brewing. Since then, they’ve opened that home to millions of customers. Read more to learn how our expert design skills built not just a premium brewery, but a long-lasting relationship between Northern Construction and Tree House Brewing. 

Building The Brewery

We built the new Tree House brewery in Charlton, Massachusetts which covers over 51,200 square feet and includes a retail store. In addition, we built a 1,600 foot driveway to the brewery that included an uphill drive. These renovations helped Tree House Brewing increase its daily production from 150 gallons a day to 900 gallons per day. Ultimately, our construction provided enough space for Tree House to better host its customers and sell its products. 

Exceeding Customer Expectations

To keep up with the fast pace of Tree House Brewing Company, we conduct extensive project planning and design work to meet their increasing demand. Our efficiency and expertise allowed us to meet customer expectations without sacrificing quality. It’s safe to say that we’ve never missed a deadline. 

Here’s what Tree House Brewing Company had to say about working with us: 

quote markNorthern Construction has made building easy. We don’t worry about deadlines. We know that what we ask will get done and it will be done well. I can’t stress how important quality of work is – our projects are never easy or small and they are able to get them done.” 

Flexibility In Design

In 2019, Tree House requested to expand their space even more to keep up with the increasing demand after the new expansion in 2016. Thus, we built a 76,700 square foot warehouse next to the brewery. This request shows the constant flexibility that Tree House needs to provide enough space for their customers. We keep our project planning flexible so that we can account for unexpected challenges and adjust our designs to accommodate their changes.  

Building Sustainable Solutions

Tree House Brewing strives to maintain an environmentally sustainable facility. We worked with them to design a wastewater treatment system that allows them to generate up to 40% of their energy on-site. The brewery site also includes walking trails and beehives to support nature and wildlife. Through our collaboration with Tree House, we built a brewing facility that meets their standards of environmental sustainability and supports the local community. 

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We partner closely with engineers and architects to bring their designs to life. We’re pre-qualified with multiple agencies to create an efficient proposal process. 

When you work with Northern Construction, you can trust that we pay close attention to every detailed specification and requirement. Sit back and relax as your design transfers from dream into reality.



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