What Is Heavy Civil Construction?

In many ways, the different sectors of construction couldn’t be more distinct. Each has its own unique considerations, intended outcomes and required expertise. Here’s what you need to know about our speciality, heavy civil construction.

What Does Heavy Civil Construction Involve?

Heavy civil construction consists of comprehensive engineering projects that focus on public infrastructure improvements. In most cases, the maintenance and design work that goes into  them must account for existing structures and natural environments. Often government-funded (though they can also be corporate-backed), these multifaceted, complex projects can include:

What Are the Goals of Heavy Civil Construction?

While specific goals are unique on a project-to-project basis, heavy civil construction almost always focuses on: 

  • Completing structures quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Keeping the flow of normal public operations going as best possible (e.g., foot traffic, cars, etc).
  • Delivering long-term results that the public, economy and environment can depend on/benefit from.

How Does Heavy Civil Construction Differ From Other Types of Construction?

In comparison to residential construction (homes or apartment buildings), commercial construction (like restaurants and stores) and industrial construction (e.g., factories), there are even more differences that set this space apart.

  • The equipment: Niche GPS survey equipment—like laser-guided concrete screeding machines and machine controls—is often used.
  • The roles involved: As a branch of civil engineering, heavy civil construction projects rely on contractors, engineers, architects and more expertly working together.
  • The sustainably minded practices: While this can be true for any type of construction, there’s a big focus on keeping things green in this space.

We Have Your Heavy Civil Construction Needs Covered

At Northern Construction, our biggest focus is heavy civil construction—it’s what our clients have trusted us to deliver on for over 25 years. No matter the industry, we’ve provided swift expertise and collaborative excellence time and time again. Get started today by getting in touch and requesting a free quote via our contact form or by phone!