Oak Bluffs Seawall

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Oak BluffS Seawall

In Martha’s Vineyard, we completed a seawall project that extended from the public fishing pier to the Oak Bluffs Harbor. To maintain compatibility with the existing materials on the pier, we used steel sheets to build the wall. Today, the seawall continues to protect the boardwalk and Oak Bluffs community from hurricanes, storms, and more. Ultimately, this project helped preserve Seaview Avenue, a historic part of the local Oak Bluff community.

WORKING WITH The Right Materials

We are confident in our ability to execute projects efficiently and work with local community budgets. For the Oak Bluffs seawall, steel sheets were selected for this project instead of concrete as a more effective and efficient installation material. Due to plans to complete construction during the off-season at Oak Bluffs, working with steel sheets helped avoid any delays in the project from extreme winter temperatures.

Planning For Future Sea-Level Rises

We built a 700-ton steel sheet pile wall with grouted anchor tendon tiebacks and stone revetment protection, which raised the wall’s top elevation by four inches. This restoration project improved coastal resiliency, increased protection against storm and flood damage, and addressed future sea-level rise concerns.

Providing Safe PUBLIC Access

Along the North Bluff, we built a timber boardwalk with tropical hardwood decking and a stainless steel railing system. Also, we expanded the plaza area adjacent to the SteamShip Authority Ferry Pier. This expansion included native plantings, additional stairs, and a concrete ramp to provide access to the beach. Ultimately, this improvement allowed more efficient and safer foot traffic for public access from the ferry, especially during seasons of increased tourism in Oak Bluffs.

Maintaining A Challenging Schedule

During this project, we experienced many challenges to our schedule, including hazardous weather conditions. However, with our problem solving skills and the expertise in pre-planning of our partners, we successfully finished this project on time, showing our proficiency in marine construction and environmental projects.

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