Plymouth Seawall

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Plymouth Seawall
Repair Project

We completed a seawall restoration project on Warren Avenue in Plymouth, MA to protect the local community from potential storm surge damage. In this process, we deconstructed the existing structure, installed geotextile fabric, and reconfigured the structure utilizing the existing stone. This project not only helped the local community but also helped local wildlife.

Using Existing Framework to Increase Sustainability

The new seawall required 6 to 8 ton armor stones that would increase the wave energy dissipation around the foundation. To help minimize any footprint or damage to the shore, we reconfigured the seawall by constructing new stone underneath the existing stonewall.

Revetment Repairs

We removed the previous revetment and added in geotextile fabric, which allowed enough water to flow around the seawall for the surrounding wildlife. We followed the manufacturer’s recommendations when overlapping the geotextile fabric widths. Afterward, we installed the geotextile fabric in two phases and staggered the top and bottom layers. 


The completion of this project resulted in a more secure Oak Bluffs seawall, protecting the community from any implications of a seawall collapse. We increased the seawall height from 13.3 feet to 14.8 feet, establishing a strong seawall foundation and providing invaluable protection infrastructure along the Eel River.

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